day 3 – terrace bay

up at: 07.00, temp: -1c

i was awake early, and finally got out of bed around 7 to watch the sun rise over lake superior.  it was a beautiful sky, inky clouds glazed with orange-pink.  bloody cold though!  everything had a crust of morning frost.


had a lazy morning, then headed out for a quick tour of town to see what had changed (not much).  the day was bright, but cold and windy, so we only had a short walk on the beach.


spent the rest of the day visiting with family and friends (including my grandma, who will be 90 next month), and preparing for thanksgiving dinner.  we were 11 at the table; started with the smoked lake trout, then turkey and all the trimmings, and finished with apple crisp and ice cream.  met up with more friends after dinner – including someone i haven’t seen in nearly 25 years.  called it a night as it would be an early start the next morning.

high temp: 8c, traveled 30km

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