epic road trip 2016: the blues and booze tour

it’s time for another adventure.

so, irene and i are embarking on another epic road trip in the US. over the course of the next 16 days, we’ll head to northwestern ontario, then cross into minnesota to follow the mighty mississippi river from headwaters to delta.  we then plan to follow the natchez trace parkway, and find some distillers in tennessee and kentucky before heading home.

those of you who followed my trip to the pacific coast a couple of years ago will be familiar with the format of my posts.  but as with last year’s cape town adventure, i will be posting to my website: kellymoorebookbinding.com.  you can either check in to the site daily, or figure out how to use the RSS feed.

the first entry will come tomorrow evening.  i do intend to post daily, wifi permitting.  comments on the posts are welcome.

let the adventure begin!

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